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Parent: Handle


Function Name Usage Description Notes
SetForce handle:SetForce(Vector force) Set the Force of the thruster, either in world space or relative space depending on the type of thruster.
SetTorque handle:SetTorque(Rotation torque) Set the torque, or rotation force, of the thruster.
SetPosition handle:SetPosition(Vector position) Set the position of the thruster. A force that is not applied at the center of mass will also apply some torque.
SetAutoDestroy handle:SetAutoDestroy(number lifeTime) When set the thruster will be destroyed after the lifetime is up.
SetIgnoreMass handle:SetIgnoreMass(bool ignoreMass) When true this will turn the force or torque in to accelerational changes, ignoring the mass of the object.


Override Name Usage Description Notes
new_index thruster.var = object value