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Function Name Usage Description Notes
New Rotation Rotation.New(number pitch, number yaw, number roll)
FromVector Rotation Rotation.FromVector(Vector vector) Make a rotation from a vector
Lerp Rotation Rotation.Lerp(Rotation rot1, Rotation rot2, number alpha)
RotateVector Vector rotation:RotateVector(Vector vector) Rotate a given vector by a rotation.
UnrotateVector Vector rotation:UnrotateVector(Vector vector) Unrotate a given vector by this rotation - the opposite of Rotation.RotateVector.
Inverse Rotation rotation:Inverse() Get the inverse of this rotation.


Parameter Name Usage Description Notes
pitch float pitch Pitch component of Rotation
yaw float yaw Yaw component of Rotation
roll float roll Roll component of Rotation


Constant Name Usage Description Notes
Zero Rotation Rotation.Zero Zero rotation on each axis (0, 0, 0)


Override Name Usage Description Notes
new_index rotation.var = object value
addition operator +
subtraction operator -
multiplication operator *
to_string string tostring(Rotation var)