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An Entity can have a single physical representation. Light is used to represent either a point or spot source of light in the scene. It can change color, intensity and other settings. Light derives from Entity so if you have a Light you can do any of these functions as well as the functions in Entity. You can do entity:IsA(Light) to see if a particular entity variable is a Light type entity.

Parent: Entity


Parameter Name Usage Description Notes
color Color color Set color of light.
intensity number intensity Set intensity of light (units?)
innerAngle number innerAngle Set inner angle of a spot light (units?)
outerAngle number outerAngle Set outer angle of a spot light (units?)
attenuation number attenuation Set attenuation of the light (units?)
exponent number exponent
specular boolean specular
shadows boolean shadows


Override Name Usage Description Notes
new_index light.var = object value