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Parent: Handle


Function Name Usage Description Notes
IsPlaying bool handle:IsPlaying() returns true if this animation is still playing
GetPlaybackSpeed number handle:GetPlaybackSpeed() get the current playback speed of the animation
SetPlaybackSpeed handle:SetPlaybackSpeed(number value) set the current playback speed of the animation
IsLooping bool handle:IsLooping() get whether this animation is set to loop
SetLooping handle:SetLooping(bool value) set whether this animation should loop
Stop handle:Stop() stops/cancels the animation on this mesh, this will invalidate this handle as the animation it relates to is no longer playing
SetProgress handle:SetProgress(number normalizedTime) Set the progress of the animation. 0.0 = the start of the animation, 0.5 = 50% of the way through the animation, 1.0 = the end of the animation, etc
GetProgress number handle:GetProgress()


Override Name Usage Description Notes
new_index animationHandle.var = object value