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Function Name Usage Description Notes
IsPlaying bool AnimationHandle.IsPlaying() returns true if this animation is still playing
GetPlaybackSpeed number AnimationHandle.GetPlaybackSpeed() get the current playback speed of the animation
SetPlaybackSpeed AnimationHandle.SetPlaybackSpeed(number value) set the current playback speed of the animation
IsLooping bool AnimationHandle.IsLooping() get whether this animation is set to loop
SetLooping AnimationHandle.SetLooping(bool value) set whether this animation should loop
Stop AnimationHandle.Stop() stops/cancels the animation on this mesh, this will invalidate this handle as the animation it relates to is no longer playing
SetProgress AnimationHandle.SetProgress(number normalizedTime) Set the progress of the animation. 0.0 = the start of the animation, 0.5 = 50% of the way through the animation, 1.0 = the end of the animation, etc
GetProgress number AnimationHandle.GetProgress()