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Welcome to the official API documentation for Crayta, the collaborative game creation platform which allows you to quickly and easily create high quality games.

Crayta Features

  • Create with friends: Create real-time collaborative game creation with up to 20 friends
  • Accessible creation: You can build games without coding or any game-creation experience; you can even build games with a gamepad
  • Community packages: Enhance your game by adding buildings, scripts and even entire game mechanics made by the community
  • Instant publishing: Publish your game instantly for anyone to play

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Get Started

  • Tutorials & Guides - Check out our extensive range of written tutorials to learn everything from basic to advanced game creation
  • Video tutorials - If you prefer video, we have a load of tutorials for beginners, programmers, designers and more

Get Involved

  • Discord - Join our community to chat to other developers, get help and show off your games
  • Developer Portal - Guides for beginners and advanced users
  • Game Companion - To manage your games and get stats on them
  • Forums - A place to ask questions, and connect with fellow creators
  • FAQs - A great starting point for the most common questions